Some time after Gayle Sanders entered “retirement,” he once again picked up his paper and pen and began tinkering with ideas. “I found myself missing our industry—the people, the excitement, the creative process of designing—it pulled me back,” Sanders said. “I still love learning about new technologies, diving into research, and exploring the possibilities of putting it all together.”

After examining several evolving digital technologies, Sanders saw an opportunity to return to the market with a new approach that would be a complete departure from his previous electrostatic loudspeaker designs. He began to explore the improvements in digital signal processing (DSP) and new amplifier technologies, and found opportunities to provide a complete package for discerning customers who desire a much simpler approach to high performance music reproduction in the home.
Once again, he began designing and building prototypes in his garage. Eventually, through several prototypes over four years, Sanders refined their industrial design and continuously improved their performance. The result is the Eikon Image1 system.
“I’m a bit of a curator,” Sanders said. “I’m utilizing some of the newest DSP technologies, which have vastly improved over the last few years, and putting them together with my own engineering. It’s an ideal solution where all of the components and component parts are designed to work together in perfect harmony in any environment, and it wasn’t ready for prime time until recently.”

“I’ve always been obsessed with the purity of sound, and I passionately explore new opportunities to create a true musical experience,” Sanders said. “I want to make this technology accessible to everyone.”