Transformational Integration

Combining 4 years of research into materials, drivers, amplifiers, and processors, with uncompromised industrial design and manufacturing; The IMAGE1 delivers total system integration with effortless control. Simply bring your favorite music server to the Eikontrol Digital processor and watch our dedication transport you to the music, effortlessly optomizing for any enviroment.

Uncompromised Performance

The IMAGE1 delivers tight/deep bass, uniform sonic distribution in any room, a palpable sense of ease, dynamic contrast, and transients at any  volume level, and significant improvements in image, staging, and refined rendering of recorded ambience.

Absolute Control

Integrated DSP, cutting edge DAC and Gayle's engineering prowess allow for seamless control and command. Accesible from any iOS/android device,  the powerful DSP engine within the  Eikontrol allows filtering and time alignment far beyond traditional passive technologies. Users shape audiophile grade contours, designate presets, switch between inputs, and navigate our proprietary and powerful Space-Time Room Optimization with ease, all within the Eikontrol remote.